PPT&T is only the second physical therapy center I have encountered, but it is completely different, and better, than a prior experience at another provider.

The hour-long personalized attention gives a chance for immediate hands-on treatment and time for practice and evaluation of exercises to do outside of the appointment to help continue recovery.

Dr. Nick Mattes was terrific! He took the doctor’s prescription, and fine-tuned it by careful examination of my body’s characteristic movements. The issues I was having with knee pain (what brought me initially into PPT&T) expanded under Nick’s careful observation to an understanding of a host of other musculo-skeletal issues that I could work on and improve. I would say I have improved overall fitness and muscular strength through my PT sessions and the related exercise. Everything in the body does connect to everything else!

During my visits, I observed the entire staff of PPT&T and they are uniformly kind, encouraging, and helpful to everyone. I am so glad my knee problems are cured but I am sorry not to have a chance to meet up with the staff regularly any more!

Janet F.
Madison, NJ

PPT&T LLC is by far the best facility I have been to. I feel like they put their patients well being first.

After 30 years of various PT facilities, I would never go anywhere else for the following reasons: You will receive a full hour of a PTs time; You do not have to share your PT with other patients; You receive a printout of all your exercises with photos and detailed instructions.

I highly recommend PPT&T!

Patricia E.
Kinnelon, NJ

Dear Matthew and team,

Thank you doesn’t seem enough for the gratitude I feel for you and your very capable staff.
Each one brought a specific technique, skill, and approach that was just what I needed in the healing process.

Going from quite an active life to one that caused me to be so very dependent on family and friends was all a new experience for me.
But your staff’s determination and patience was there even when mine was not.

May each of you continue to work as hard with all of your clients; your gifted hands are very much a source of new life and energy for all.

With gratitude,

Kathy D.
Chatham, NJ

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Kathy Detlet Testimonial

Unfortunately I have spent years in pain of varying intensity and in various parts of my body.  My shoulders, in particular, had become very painful and I had lost most of my arm strength because of it.  I have had physical therapy in 6 different places and note been happy with any of them.

I swim at the Madison YMCA and heard good things about the Professional Physical Therapy & Training, LLC from other members. The PT is in the Y upstairs above the main desk.  I thought I would give it a try.

Six weeks ago I started my therapy, twice a week.  My first session included measuring my abilities to use my arms and shoulders and mapping out their plan for me.  Paul works with me on Tuesdays and Michelle on Thursdays.  They are absolutely fantastic!  I used therabands, weights and massage with one on one supervision for the entire hour.  After only 10 sessions, I had gotten total use of my shoulders without pain and could lift pounds rather than ounces!

Since I have had success with their program, I am going to work on other parts of my body now.  Whenever I need help in the future I will go to Professional Physical Therapy & Training, LLC and I strongly recommend their program.

Carol B.
Morristown, NJ

Dear Matthew and staff,
I finally had a chance to write to you to thank you for everything you have done for me.  I am seven months post-operation from my partial knee replacement surgery, and I am about 90% back to where I was. After being unable to walk for about three years, I am now walking two miles…

Susan S.
Springfield, NJ

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