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A simple test to determine your chances of dying

A simple test to determine your chances of dying

Paul Kochoa, PT, DPT, OCS, CGFI


Want to find out your chances of dying in the near future?  Try this test. The sitting-rising test.

A group of researchers out of Brazil have published a study in the European Journal of Cardiovascular Prevention, investigating the mortality rate of 2002 adults between the ages of 51-80.  They measured how a person can get down to the floor with their legs crossed and then stand up from that position.  For each loss of balance or extra body part they needed for assistance, they took a point off or half a point off.  The lower the score, the higher the mortality rate.

A perfect score is a 10 points: 5 points for getting down and 5 points for getting up.  Subtract half a point if you lose your balance on the way down or the way up.  Subtract a full point if you use your hand, knee, or any other body part for support.

In 6 years, there was a 7.9% mortality rate in the subjects, with significantly more deaths in subject with a lower score.  For those who scored the lowest on the test, their mortality rate went up 2-5 times.  A one point increase represented a 21% reduction in mortality.

If you have knee or hip pain, don’t try this test on your own.  It’s a quick and easy test that anyone can administer with little to no equipment that can measure your musculoskeletal fitness and expose some deficiencies that may need to be addressed.

Here’s a video of the test in action:

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