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Check your pelvis

Check your pelvis

Paul Kochoa, PT, DPT, OCS, CKTP, CGFI


Recently, I’ve had a run of patients complaining of low back pain.  For the most part, the pain was centralized to the very lower part of their back with no referring symptom or radiating pain.  We checked out the pelvis, and found that for all these patients, their pelvic alignment was off.  We were able to fix them with some muscle energy techniques and high velocity, low amplitude manipulations; and they were able to walk out pain free.

The pelvis is made up of three bones: the sacrum (base of the spine), and two innominate bones. They connect at an Sacroiliac joint and the Pubic symphysis joint.  All together, these structures basically form a circle.  If the bones or joints are misaligned, the circle is broken, and then your lose a lot of stability and can get a lot of pain.

Sometimes you can disrupt your pelvis alignment by simply stepping off a curb, or running, or doing an activity that is very “one-legged”.  (Most recently, my pelvic came out of place after doing some heavy single legged deadlifts and single legged squats)

Your core muscles play a role in stabilizing your pelvis, as well as your pelvic floor and your hip muscles.  A physical exam from a physiotherapist can determine your pelvic alignment issues and fix them.  It can be simple or take a couple sessions.  Just don’t overlook your pelvis if you’re having back pain.

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