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Conversations in an elevator

Conversations in an elevator

Written by: Paul Kochoa, PT, DPT, OCS, CKTP, CGFI


Recently, I was in an elevator with two women.  One woman, dressed in business attire, was speaking with another woman.  The first woman was rubbing her neck and was recounting her days at her physiotherapist’s office.  She stated that her neck felt so much better than three weeks ago and that she was glad that she went to the physio instead of a doctor.  The other woman replied in agreement, stating, “What’s the doctor gonna do? Give you some pills to get rid of the pain? But that doesn’t fix the problem.”

I didn’t say anything.  I just smiled to myself.  I’ve written about direct access before and here’s a prime example in the wild.  Physiotherapists are experts at musculoskeletal disorders.  If you have a problem, go see a physio and avoid the extra step to see a doctor.

Now, I’m not saying that doctors don’t have a place in the medical field when it comes to patient care.  Medical doctors are integral in the healthcare system and treating problems.  Sometimes a patient may come in with an issue that is outside the scope of practice of a physiotherapist, they may have a problem that can not be solved with physical therapy.  That’s when consultation with another medical professional is warranted.

An informed patient is a better patient.  A patient that has neck pain or back pain can go see a physiotherapist immediately, sometimes within the first 24 hours of onset.  You can get it treated and get on with your life.  Or, you can wait it out to see if it gets better, schedule an appointment to see you medical doctor in 2-3 weeks, have the doctor prescribe you some medication for the pain, and then write a prescription to see a physiotherapist.

The point I’m trying to make here is that for the majority of disorders that we have in everyday life, you don’t have to see a doctor, you don’t have to have surgery, you can go see a physiotherapist.  Besides, if you go get some medication to dull the pain, does that take care of the underlying problem?  I’ve said it many times before, our bodies are elaborate machines.  Sometimes you need some simple maintenance and realignment and not a major overhaul.

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