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Sexual pain, not all in your head

Sexual Pain: Not All in your Head!

Written by: Yuchin Chang, PT, DPT, OCS, CMTPT


A lot of women suffer from sexual pain, ranging from the clitoral pain, burning vulva, to deep vaginal pain, and they often feel they are to blame.  If they finally reach out to seek help from physicians, they were often told to ‘get some antidepressants’ or they are ‘just stressed out.’

I have encountered a lot of patients who have been through a lot this non-sense with medical professionals who lack adequate training about pelvic health and sexual medicine.  In the end, patients often sink into deep despair.

It is not unusual for patients to go through multiple physicians to finally have a correct diagnosis and proper treatments.   By the time these women are referred to me; they have gone through several different rounds of testing, counseling, and they feel hopeless.  These women have never heard of pelvic floor physical therapy and not sure what to expect.

Working with a physician, who specializes in pelvic dysfunction and refers patients to physical therapy interventions promptly, can better serve women who suffer from sexual pain.  If you suffer from sexual pain, consult a knowledgeable physician or pelvic floor therapist.

It is NOT all in your head!

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