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What is Fibromyalgia?

What is Fibromyalgia?




Fibromyalgia Pain Syndrome (FPS) is described as having pain in the muscles and fibrous connective tissue in certain spots of the body.  Primary FPS occurs independently of any disorders, while Secondary FPS often followed by trauma, repetitive motion, joint disorder, and viruses. FPS affects more women than men.

Symptoms include fatigue, mood disorders, disturbed sleep, pain, and stiffness. Since the daily symptoms can vary greatly, seeing an experienced clinician is crucial.  Rheumatologists will assist patients to diagnosis FPS after ruling out other potential conditions. Then, they refer patients to other medical disciplines for pain management, sleep condition, and so on.

Among many medical professionals, physical therapists are often involved in treating FPS with therapeutic exercises, muscle and joint corrective manual techniques, postural corrections, and dry needling. Dry Needling has been very effective in treating trigger point related muscle dysfunction and pain.  Once the sources of pain are successfully managed, people with FPS feel better and are able to be more active.

Since people who suffer from FPS usually have complex medical history, working with an experienced manual therapist is imperative to ensure treatment success.

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