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07 Tue

What’s your fitness age?

What’s your fitness age?

Paul Kochoa, PT, DPT, OCS, CGFI


The New York Times recently had an article about older athletes and their strikingly young fitness ages.  What does that mean?  Researchers in Norway studied thousands of adults and recorded several vital signs and other cardiovascular measures.  They found that adults who exercised had younger fitness ages than those who didn’t exercise.

There’s an online calculator that you can use yourself.  For some, it can show a major difference in your chronological age.  For example, an assistant professor from the University of Maryland, an avid triathlete, scored a fitness age of 31 years old, even though she was 61 years old chronologically.  She was essentially much younger than she was in real life.

The surprising fact was that older athletes who participated in the study didn’t start exercising and getting serious into their sport until later in life.  Which means that changing your fitness age is attainable by anyone. It’s never too late.

So if you’re looking for the fountain of youth or want to turn back the hands of time, all you need to do is start to exercise.

Find out your fitness age here: WORLD FITNESS LEVEL.



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