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Aquatic Physical Therapy

As part of our convenient locations within the Madison Area YMCA and the Summit Area YMCA, we have the opportunity to provide Aquatic Physical Therapy. Aquatic Physical Therapy can greatly accelerate recovery because the near zero impact environment makes it safe to start sooner than conventional therapy. It can also be a missing step for those who have not been able to properly strengthen themselves without pain through conventional therapy. The combination of buoyancy, water pressure, resistance and sensory input make aquatic physical therapy a highly effective treatment for:

  • Orthopedic / joint replacement surgery recovery from non-weight bearing limitations
  • Core stabilization for lower back pain or improving athletic performance
  • Joint pain from arthritis
  • Gait and balance disorders
  • Coordination training
  • Improving general strength, power, balance, endurance, range of motion and flexibility for patients of all ages

Your physical therapist will devise a specific treatment and exercise program for you that will use the benefits of aquatic physical therapy. These treatments are also one on one. You do not need to know how to swim to participate in aquatic physical therapy.

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