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This Picture is Powerful!! Here is your reason to start an exercise program today!

The images above are MRI scans of a 40 year old triathlete compared to a 74 year old sedentary man compared to a 70 year old triathlete. In this picture the gray you see represents the muscles in the thigh region and the white represents adipose tissue (or fat). If we take a close look at these photos we see that the two triathletes who exercise regularly have similar muscle mass despite the 30 year age difference. However, the 74 year old gentleman who does not exercise regularly shows significantly less muscle mass than the other two. These photos directly contradict the age old tale that getting older means loss in strength and muscle mass and thus, loss in function. 

Sacropenia is the term used to describe age related loss in muscle mass begins after the age of 40 and is accelerated every decade after. However, what we know now is that participating in a regular exercise program will significantly slow this normal aging process and allow a person to function independently for as long as possible. The Fountain of Youth isn’t  a pill you can take, it is achieved from a physically active lifestyle. 

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These pictures are from: Wroblewski AP et al, “Chronic exercise preserves lean muscle mass in masters athletes.” Phys Sportsmed 2011.

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