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A common cause of groin pain

A common cause of groin pain



Groin pain is something most people don’t want to talk about. However, several structures in that area can cause painful dysfunction. One such structure is the labrum of the hip.

The labrum is a thin piece of cartilage that extends the rim of the hip socket (acetabulum). Its job is to improve stability of the hip. In other words it makes sure that your hip is less likely to dislocate when you are moving and walking.

Even a small tear to the labrum can cause symptoms. Common symptoms are a loss of range of motion in the hip, pain in the groin, and snapping or clicking in the hip. Pain is usually brought on by certain movements and is intermittent.  Common causes of labral tears include plant and twist injuries, falls, overuse, and age related degeneration.

The good news is that conservative treatments can be very effective at alleviating the symptoms associated with hip labral tears. Physical therapy should be the first line of defense to prescribe the appropriate stretching, strengthening and movement training to overcome hip pain.

If you are struggling with groin pain, consider coming in for an evaluation with one of our highly trained physical therapists.

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