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September 8 is World Physical Therapy Day!

September 8 is World Physical Therapy Day!



Did you know?

In 1951, the World Confederation of Physical Therapy declared September 8 to be World Physical Therapy Day! The purpose of this day in 2016 is to highlight the value physical therapists make to the population in preventing illness, improving and maintain mobility and independence.

Physical therapists are uniquely qualified to be movement and exercise experts around the
world. With doctoral level education in anatomy, pathology, kinesiology, and movement science, physical therapists are leaders in keeping young and old moving well.

In seniors, physiotherapy led exercise programs reduce the risk of falls in older adults by 32%. Physical activity has been down to reduce the risk dementia and lower the death rates.

In younger populations, physical therapy is the key to reducing opioids use, managing pain, and recovering from sports related injuries. Physical therapy has been shown to an effective way to improve health and independence in all populations.

At Professional Physical Therapy and Training, we pride ourselves on being a community resource for young athletes, seniors, and anyone who is dealing with injuries, chronic pain or movement dysfunctions.

In addition to individualized treatment programs, check out our golf, kids cross training, and pilates rehab programs.

We hope you join us September 8, 2016 in celebrating World Physical Therapy Day!! Stop in to find out more about how physical therapy can decrease your pain and improve your game.

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