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Treating Pain: A Review

Treating Pain: A Review



On September 11,2017 the New York Times published an article entitled Alternatives to Drugs for Treating Pain by Jane Brody. The article discusses the usefulness of mindfulness, exercise, rehabilitation, acupuncture, massage, and cognitive behavioral therapy to address chronic pain.

Chronic pain should not be confused with acute pain, which is an indication that something is wrong. Acute pain needs to be addressed immediately. Chronic pain on the other hand, is pain without some sort of stimulus. The mechanism by which this develops is poorly understood, however, we know that there multifacforial bio-psycho-social components to chronic pain.

Chronic pain has been difficult for medical professionals to manage because of its complex nature. Research is showing that medications alone are not doing a good job, and may in fact be contributing to the opioids epidemic.  According to the article recent clinical trials have demonstrated that some patient’s may benefit from these alternative approaches. The interesting thing is that physical therapy often incorporates many of the alternatives mentioned.

Physical therapy includes manual therapy, which is a targeted and specific type of massage.  Physical therapists are experts in movement and prescribe exercise for specific movement problems. We are trained in breathing techniques as they relate to respiratory function and motor control. We have training in biofeedback and how to implement that to improve patient awareness. In addition, many physical therapists further their education in other areas like pilates, yoga, etc.

At Professional Physical Therapy and Training, LLC we pride ourselves on being evidence based and offering the most comprehensive care we can. If you are struggling with pain or movement dysfunction, stop in or give us a call.


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