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What is a Doctor of Physical Therapy?

What is a Doctor of Physical Therapy?

A Doctor of Physical Therapy is a qualifying degree in physical therapy. Specifically in the United States, it is a doctoral degree that includes training in all areas of musculoskeletal treatments and doctoral-level research. Doctors of Physical Therapy are day and life makers. Their sole responsibility is to help YOU get back to what you love.  We spend every appointment focused on who you are and what makes you happy. Because Doctors of Physical Therapy not only care about getting you out of pain we care so deeply about you.

This title certifies advanced professional training and knowledge in order to be an autonomous practitioner. This distinction is held in high regard in many regions throughout the United States. So much so, that in New Jersey, you NO LONGER need a prescription from a physician to attend physical therapy. Since Doctors of Physical Therapy have such a high degree of medical training, they can properly evaluate and screen you for all medical conditions, making appropriate referrals as needed.
A medical professional with this distinction likely attended college for a period of 6-8 years. Four years of which included undergraduate studies, with post-graduate studies ranging anywhere from 2-4 years depending on the institution and its requirements. This post-graduate work includes clinical rotations as well as both practical and written examinations to implore full competence in all areas of medical rehabilitation.

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