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11 Thu

New exercise of the day! The ER Press.

New exercise of the day! The ER Press.

Paul Kochoa, PT, DPT, OCS, CKTP, CGFI



Mike Reinold is a physiotherapist who has a website and blog that great for physiotherapists, trainers, or any other medical professional.  It really has a lot of great information, I read it very frequently.

An article that I just read is about a new exercise, called the ER Press.  It’s great for developing overhead stability, and posterior shoulder strength and endurance.

I’ve wrote about the troubles of poor posture and rounded shoulders before, but this new exercise is great for all that and improves overhead stability.  I’ve been working on overhead stability in the shoulder with a couple of my patients.  Lifting loads or reaching overhead really requires your shoulder blade and your trunk to be very stable.  Like I’ve said before to my patients, “The shoulder blade is the foot of the shoulder”.  Without good shoulder blade stability, you run the risk of injuring your shoulder.

The ER Press is done with a resistance band attached in front of the body at shoulder height.  Start with the elbow out to the side with the forearm parallel to the ground.  You then rotated the forearm vertical and then press the arm straight up.  You can even advance the exercise to include different positions, like kneeling in Mike’s video below:

I’ll be trying to include this exercise to my program as well as my patients’ program when I get a chance.

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