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Resistance Training on Vacation: Vacation Self Help Kit Part 3

Resistance Training on Vacation:  Vacation Self Help Kit Part 3



Resistance training has been shown to have significant benefits for the body. From a purely musculoskeletal aspect, resistance training has been shown to increase bone, muscle, tendon, and ligament strength and toughness. Additionally, it increases joint function, bone density and increases metabolism.

And yet even with all of these benefits, most of us take a hiatus from strength training when we go on vacation. Unfortunately, the lack of training can be detrimental to the gains you have made and might leave you at risk for injury, particularly if you are participating in physical activities.

Most people associate weightlifting as the only way to resistance training. Weightlifting, however, is not the only way to build strength. It turns out resistance can come from multiple places including body weight, weights, machines, or even resistance bands.

Can a resistance band really be beneficial for strengthening? The answer is yes, provided the band gives you the proper amount of resistance you need and the exercises are performed correctly. Resistance bands are one of the primary resistance tools used by physiotherapists everywhere. The reasons are simple: they are easy to use and effective when used correctly.

Resistance bands come in a plethora of brands and varieties. They are lightweight, easily packable, and compact. They should become a fixture within your Vacation Self Help Kit.

If you have questions about how to resistance train with bands or need help developing a targeted resistance program, contact us for a consultation with one of our therapists.


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