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18 Fri

OBJ & The Dreaded ACL Tear

What a game on Sunday. If you were watching closely, like we were, you probably cringed and yelled “ACL tear” at your TV as Odell Beckham Jr. went down late in the second quarter. Well maybe you didn’t yell ACL tear but you knew something was obviously wrong...
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03 Thu

Improve Your Flexibility

Anytime is a good time to get more flexible, but February is particularly good as we tend not to be as active in the Winter months, but Spring is around the corner.  Taking the time now to get into a good stretching routine will help you soon enjoy those...
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17 Mon

Why am I dizzy? 

Dizziness is the worst. Seriously. It throws everything off and just feels like you aren’t in control of your body. It leaves you disoriented, sometimes nauseous, and sometimes with a loss of balance. Unfortunately, dizziness is not a diagnosis.  Dizziness is a symptom of a number of different...
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05 Fri


“Stiff”, “Radiating”, “Sharp” or even “a Crinque”.  These are just several of the ways I have heard people describe their neck pain.  Neck pain can seriously affect your sleep quality,  effectiveness at work and enjoyment of physical activities and hobbies.  It can even make everyday tasks like driving...
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25 Wed

ACL Resource Guide

It’s Friday night. Game night! All of your hard work and dedication has led to this moment. The early morning practices, long drives to work outs, preparing meals and making sure your schedule is flawless… Yes, I’m talking to all the athlete parents out there who work hard...
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